Pixem a px to em converter

Don’t want to change all your CSS to em? Only want to convert a value or two? Well, all you need to do is enter in a number followed by “px” or “em”. So, if you want to convert 16 pixels to em, all you need to do is type “16px” in the px box and hit the enter key or just click on the convert button.


Have over 1000 lines of CSS and don’t want to convert all of them manually? Pixem allows you to copy and paste all of your CSS into one of the desired conversion boxes. To convert your CSS from px to em, paste it into the px box, and vise versa. It’s that simple.


Go convert

Zsolt Mathe

I'm a backend and frontend developer from Transylvania with over 10 years of experience. I love dealing with new challenges on php, html5 and css3.

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