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We are always looking for qualitynew material. If you think you could offer some interesting reading material for our readers –  whether it is a full-length article or a short quick tip, let us know!


  • You get links and traffic to your website.
  • You get work exposure as your author biography is included.
  • You can share your techniques with our readers.


You just write in a simple wysiwyg html editor, attach the images and when you’re done, compress all the files and send to us.


Before submitting your articles to our team for review, please read our requirements first:

  • Do not send any affiliate links, please
  • The article should contain a short description about the author (links to a personal blog or site are allowed)
  • Our editorial team has the right to edit formatting of your tutorial or article to ensure it is in line with our general website style

If you have something to share, please feel free to write us!

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