Free Download: Popup Vertical Navigation

A lovely little vertical navigation menu, appropriate for use within an app or interface. It has a toggle at the top of the menu to expand it vertically, with a search, download, settings, help, and inbox icon. Inspired by a PSD freebie on PixelsDaily by Ali Asghar.

Go grab your copy



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    Hi here,
    I made recently my project with thousands HQ mostly travel photos. free use and download. Found this article, hopefully you and your readers will find it helpful

  • Rochelle Kissmore

    Informative ideas ! BTW , if anyone are wanting to merge two images , my family came across a service here

  • Janus Tinkerdoom

    my boss wanted CA EJ-001 earlier today and learned about a document management site that hosts an online forms database . If people are requiring CA EJ-001 too , here’s a

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